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Celebrating Independently Owned Business And Hidden Gems Across The Nation!

Locally owned business are the cornerstone of America.
They are the innovative and creative ventures that allow entrepreneurs to thrive,
and they play a vital role of the success of their local economy.

While big box stores and nationwide retail chains provide a range of mass produced products,
it is the locally owned business that provide unique and one-of-a-kind products and services
as well as a personal connection to members of their community.

At Road Trip Savings we have designed a large-scale marketing opportunity for locally owned businesses
through our eco-friendly and universal key tag.

For Customers:

Our key tag offers exposure to independently owned businesses and hidden gems throughout the community you live in
or travel to as well as a paperless way to receive in-store discounts. You can even set up alerts to be notified of the discounts and promotions that interest you the most.

An updated listing of businesses that offer discounts through our universal key tag can be found by visiting our website.

For Business Owners:

Our key tag allows business owners to increase their online presence, and offer coupons and promotions without the expense of running a print ad. A window cling to your exterior also lets customers know you're a Road Trip Savings retailer.

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